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So you live in New Jersey and you got a DUI in another state?
Receiving a conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) is difficult enough when it happens in the individual’s state of residence, but navigating an intoxicated driving charge in an external state (a different state from which the person lives) can be complicated. It is possible to transfer some cases across states, but the process is primarily one of communicating with the court of jurisdiction in the region the charge was received. Many times the best decision is retaining an effective criminal defense attorney from the local legal community to deal with the court if distance may be a problem. Situations like this commonly occur in cities the size of Jersey City, New Jersey and many courts have a standard policy for adjudication, depending on the circumstances involved in the case.

Going to Court for the Out of State DUI
All impaired driving defendants will be required to appear in court the first time. If an attorney has been already been hired, legal counsel may appear to request a continuation or negotiate with the prosecution for a disposition, but the defendant will need to appear to plead for a disposition of the case. Any defendant will also need to be present for a trial if the case proceeds to that point. Incarceration terms are normally completed in the state in which the offense occurred and fines are also paid to the adjudicating state.

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Information Sharing Among States
There are two primary agreements that govern the sharing of criminal information between states, but not every state is part of the process. Depending on the defendant’s state of residence, a conviction for driving under the influence in one state may not affect the offender’s driving record at home. That situation is rare. There are only five states that do not participate in the compacts and other arraignment processes may be applicable. Additionally, bonding out of jail may prove problematic in these states. States like New Jersey normally share any pertinent information necessary in proper adjudication of a DUI case.

License Suspension
Suspended drivers licenses are respected across state lines and license reinstatement can only be done after the suspension period is completed in the prosecuting location. Completion of the other components of the comprehensive punishments can be done in the defendant’s home state if the court of original jurisdiction agrees. This can be a problematic area also, as states are not necessarily uniform in alcoholic drivers education programs required as a result of an impaired driving conviction. Additionally, tech fees and programs fees are not always compatible.

Alcoholic Drivers Education Programs
First offenses are usually simple processes, depending on the case level. First offenses can be felonies in states like New Jersey that employ a tiered approach to aggravated prosecution of intoxicated driving cases, especially involving fatal and significant accidents. DUI cases can be complicated in egregious situations. This transference also works better with a local attorney because the counsel is often associated with the court with easy access to communication with approved alcoholic driver’s education programs. Some states will also require evaluation for treatment in addition to an education program.

It is always important to hire an experienced and effective DUI attorney whenever involved in an intoxicated driving case away from home. States have taken a long-term approach to punishments associated with intoxicated driving and this can cause a DUI conviction to linger longer than the punishment was designed to last, but all conditions of the court of adjudication must be met before the offender can have a license reinstated. This is normally not a requirement for fines included in an in-state conviction, but out-of-state DUI cases can result in a stipulation of payment of all fines before the state will release reinstatement restrictions. Having a local Jersey City DUI attorney can make dealing with the court much easier than attempting to plead without the benefit of solid representation and handling the case personally.

When facing Out of State DUI criminal charges, it is important to understand the criminal process. If you have been arrested and charged with an out-of-state DUI, you may be held in jail awaiting your arraignment. The arraignment is a hearing in which you will be formally charged with the crime and your bail will be set. It is crucial to have legal representation at your arraignment, and an experienced criminal DUI attorney from Best DUI Attorney in Jersey City can assist you in seeking to be released on your own recognizance or to fight for a bail amount that you are able to pay. When making your plea, it is important to have legal counsel to advise you how to proceed based on the circumstances of the case. Because you deserve another shot at it – Call Best DUI Attorney in Jersey City at 877-486-3984 and get your life back on track now.

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